19, 8 月 2022
Watch: Kim Go Eun And GOT7’s Jinyoung Can’t Stop Crying After Filming Emotional Scene For “Yumi’s Cells 2”

Yumi’s Cells 2” has shared a new glimpse behind the scenes of filming!

Spoilers for Episodes 9 and 10

The new behind-the-scenes video begins with Block B’s P.O filming his first scenes as new character Control Z. After cracking up everyone on set with a successful take of a humorous scene that takes place inside Yumi’s mind (in which Yumi beats up the infuriating Control Z), P.O hilariously jokes, “The director didn’t tell me there’d be anything like this during our meeting.”

After P.O introduces himself and his character to the camera, the clip moves on to Kim Go Eun playfully complaining to Jinyoung about his character Babi developing feelings for Da Eun (Shin Ye Eun‘s character). Jinyoung then rebukes his own character by saying, “[Viewers] won’t be able to understand Babi[‘s actions]. Who could understand him doing that? When Yumi is this good to him? How could anyone understand him?”

He adds, “I was watching [Kim Go Eun] film, and it made me sad. Yumi decorated this and prepared a cake and did all of this, but in spite of all this, she has to say, ‘Let’s break up.’ Imagine how she must feel.”

Later, Kim Go Eun and Jinyoung film their emotional breakup scene, and both actors shed real tears as they get caught up in the story. Even after the cameras stop rolling, Jinyoung struggles to contain his emotions as he furiously blinks back his tears, and Kim Go Eun is unable to stop crying as she wipes her face before monitoring their takes.

Ahn Bo Hyun also makes his grand return to the drama in the video, and he shares an adorable hug with Kim Go Eun to celebrate their reunion. The crew also jokingly congratulates him on his character having become successful in the story.

Finally, the video ends with unreleased behind-the-scenes footage from previous episodes before teasing that many changes will take place in the relationships between the characters next week.

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video with English subtitles below!

Check out all the latest episodes of “Yumi’s Cells 2” with subtitles on Viki here:

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19, 8 月 2022
Watch: Apink’s Yoon Bomi Reveals 1st Sneak Peek Of CHOBOM’s Unit Debut Track “Copycat” On “Knowing Bros”

Apink’s Yoon Bomi shared a glimpse of her and Chorong‘s upcoming unit debut track on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” (“Ask Us Anything”)!

The two Apink members are currently gearing up to make their debut as the group’s first-ever unit CHOBOM on July 12, when they will be releasing their first single album “Copycat.”

On the July 9 episode of “Knowing Bros,” Bomi appeared as a guest alongside Ji Hyun Woo and Young Tak—and as a special treat for viewers, she performed a brief snippet of CHOBOM’s upcoming song.

Before her performance, Bomi explained, “From a long time ago, Chorong and I have often heard that we look like twins. So we’ll be making our unit debut with the concept of twin dolls.” She also added later on that the choreography had a “cat concept,” in keeping with the title of the song.

As she prepared to dance to the chorus, Bomi remarked, “It’s confusing without Chorong here,” and Young Tak sympathetically asked, “you’re doing a performance that’s meant for two on your own?” Bomi replied, “Yes, my twin is supposed to be here next to me.” Kang Ho Dong supportively piped up, “Let’s imagine that [Chorong] is there.”

Check out CHOBOM’s teasers for their unit debut here, and watch Bomi’s solo performance of their upcoming song “Copycat” below!

Later on in the show, Bomi also got the cast dancing along with a fun cover of Young Tak’s hit trot song “Why Are You Coming Out From There.”

Watch full episodes of “Knowing Bros” with English subtitles here…

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…or watch Bomi on “Witches 2” below!

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19, 8 月 2022
Jessi’s “ZOOM” Becomes Her Fastest MV To Hit 100 Million Views

Jessi has become the first female K-pop soloist to surpass 100 million views on YouTube with a 2022 music video!

Around 12:30 a.m. KST on July 11, Jessi’s music video for her latest hit “ZOOM” hit 100 million views on YouTube, making it her second music video to do so following “NUNU NANA.”

Jessi originally released “ZOOM” on April 13 at 6 p.m. KST, meaning that it took the song just over two months, 27 days, and six hours to reach the milestone.

“ZOOM” is now Jessi’s fastest music video to hit the 100 million mark, breaking her previous record of approximately seven months and 19 days set by “NUNU NANA” last year.

Congratulations to Jessi!

Watch the music video for “ZOOM” again below:

19, 8 月 2022
Watch: NCT’s Doyoung, Han Ji Hyo, And More Test Their Chemistry At Script Reading For “Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me”

TVING’s upcoming drama “Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me” has shared a glimpse behind the scenes of its first script reading!

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me” is a new romance drama about a magical notebook that can make anyone fall in love with someone for one month. When Seo Hee Soo, a college student and aspiring lyricist with low self-esteem (played by Han Ji Hyo), stumbles upon the notebook, she winds up becoming entangled with multiple men, including her guy friend Jung Shi Ho (played by NCT’s Doyoung).

The newly released video begins with footage of the stars running through their lines at the table read, before rewinding all the way back to the cast members introducing themselves to the entire room at the very beginning.

Han Ji Hyo describes her character Seo Hee Soo by explaining, “Hee Soo is someone who is very love-starved and desperate for love. So there are times when she feels very insecure and lonely. But she’s someone who can sincerely root for someone, who has a strong sense of responsibility, and who is very warm. She’s someone who would be a great friend to keep by your side.”

Meanwhile, Doyoung introduces his character by saying, “Shi Ho is a kid with emotional scars from his school days. But his wounds heal after he meets Hee Soo, and he naturally winds up developing one-sided feelings for her.”

Kwon Ah Reum will be playing the role of Park Se Jin, an honest and daring part-time worker who isn’t afraid of expressing her feelings. The actress describes her character as “someone who is bold and knows how to say the things she wants,” as well as someone who is “like a bulldozer” when pursuing the person she likes.

Bang Jae Min will play Kim Do Bin, a handsome and talented vocalist in the singer-songwriter club who gets involved with Seo Hee Soo because of her magical notebook. “On the outside, he looks a bit prickly and aloof, but I think he’s actually a very caring and considerate person in his heart,” he explains.

Son Hyun Woo will be playing Kim Kang Wook, an aloof older student in the same club as Seo Hee Soo. The actor remarks with a shy laugh, “Hyun Woo is the most popular guy on campus, and though it’s a bit embarrassing for me to say this myself, he’s a good singer and is also very handsome.”

Finally, Kim Ji Hoon describes his character Park Joon Young—a puppy-like younger guy that Seo Hee Soo meets at the library—as “an aggressive younger guy who falls in love with Hee Soo at first sight.”

“Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me” premieres on July 14 and will be available with subtitles on Viki. Check out the new behind-the-scenes video below!

Watch a teaser for the drama with English subtitles here:

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19, 8 月 2022
“Alchemy Of Souls” Ratings Climb Back Up To All-Time High

Viewership ratings for tvN’s “Alchemy of Souls” have returned to the show’s all-time high!

On July 10, the popular fantasy romance drama starring Lee Jae Wook and Jung So Min enjoyed a significant increase in viewership as it remained first place in its time slot across all cable channels. According to Nielsen Korea, the latest episode of “Alchemy of Souls” scored an average nationwide rating of 6.8 percent, matching its personal record from its fourth episode.

Meanwhile, JTBC’s “Cleaning Up” rose to an average nationwide rating of 2.6 percent for the night.

Finally, KBS 2TV’s “It’s Beautiful Now” successfully defended its title as the most-watched program of Sunday with an average nationwide rating of 24.2 percent.

Can’t get enough of Lee Jae Wook? While you wait for next week, check out his drama “I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice” with subtitles below!

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19, 8 月 2022
Former KARA Member Nicole Signs With New Agency

Former KARA member Nicole has joined a new agency!

On July 11, JWK Entertainment officially announced, “Nicole recently signed an exclusive contract with our agency. We will be unsparing in our support of Nicole’s active domestic promotions.”

Nicole and the other members of KARA recently got together to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their debut, and their former agency DSP Media confirmed afterwards that they are currently in talks to reunite for a special 15th-anniversary project.

Meanwhile, JWK Entertainment has teased that Nicole is gearing up for a broad range of activities in the second half of 2022.

Are you excited to see what Nicole has in store?

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19, 8 月 2022
Kim Min Jae, Kim Hyang Gi, And Kim Sang Kyung Believe In Healing The Heart In “Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist”

tvN’s upcoming drama “Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist” has unveiled its main poster!

Based on the novel of the same name, “Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist” will tell the story of Yoo Se Poong (Kim Min Jae), a well-known internal medicine doctor who gets expelled from the royal court after getting caught up in a conspiracy. When he meets Seo Eun Woo (Kim Hyang Gi) and Gye Ji Han (Kim Sang Kyung) in the strange and beautiful village of Gyesu, he works to become a true doctor who heals the heart.

In the newly released poster, the three doctors literally open the door to the heart as they welcome new patients. Yoo Se Poong wears a warm smile that is already healing in and of itself, while Seo Eun Woo whips out a magnifying glass to carefully examine her patients. Finally, Gye Ji Han stands ready to treat his patients with a shiny acupuncture needle in hand.

The poster’s caption emphasizes the trio’s belief in healing the heart, asking, “What illness brought you in today? I’ll examine your heart first.”

When asked to pick a keyword or phrase that sums up “Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist,” Kim Min Jae chose the drama’s title. He went on to add, “I’m currently enjoying filming while falling deeply into each of the three doctor characters—Yoo Se Poong, Seo Eun Woo, and Gye Ji Han—and sharing their thoughts and feelings together with them.”

Meanwhile, leading lady Kim Hyang Gi chose the keyword “human,” explaining, “The drama relatably depicts the stories of people with a wide variety of illnesses of the heart. Everyone is so well-suited to their respective roles, and the filming set has such a comfortable vibe that I feel a healthy energy while filming.”

Finally, Kim Sang Kyung picked the keyword “heart,” commenting, “It’s a story about treating wounded hearts with warm love. It’s like a complete gift set with fun stories, laughs, and touching moments, and I think it will give comfort to viewers, so I’m filming with a happy heart.”

“Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist” premieres on August 1 at 10:30 p.m. KST and will be available with subtitles on Viki. Check out the latest teaser for the drama here!

While you wait, watch Kim Min Jae in his previous drama “Dali and the Cocky Prince” below:

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19, 8 月 2022
Watch: Moon Ga Young And Yeo Jin Goo Film Romantic Moments With Ease Behind The Scenes Of “Link”

tvN’s “Link” has revealed another behind-the-scenes look at the drama!

The tvn drama tells the story of Eun Gye Hoon (Yeo Jin Goo), an executive chef, and Noh Da Hyun (Moon Ga Young), an employee at his restaurant who has been unlucky in both love and life. The two are connected by a special “link” that delivers all of Noh Da Hyun’s emotions directly to Eun Gye Hoon. This means that he goes through all her ups and downs through joy, sorrow, and pain.


The making-of video is filled with cute moments between the lead actors, such as when Moon Ga Young practices tending to a wound on Yeo Jin Goo’s face. Lee Seok Hyung takes his role as the couple’s cupid very seriously as he tells the camera how his character just wants the pair to enjoy their time together.

The atmosphere grows heavy when Moon Ga Young begins to shed tears while filming the scene in which Yeo Jin Goo rejects her confession. Yeo Jin Goo leans on the counter and lets out a sigh, mouthing the words, “It’s hot,” as he recovers from the gravity of the scene.

However, a certain liveliness takes over the set when the pair get ready to film a kiss scene, with Moon Ga Young joking about how the director stayed up all night researching videos. Yeo Jin Goo and Moon Ga Young then discuss when she should drop her coat, but the director soon comes to the rescue and immediately tells both actors exactly what to do.

During one attempt at the scene, Yeo Jin Goo and Moon Ga Young pull off the kiss scene perfectly, but after pulling away, Yeon Jin Goo’s eyes dart around her face, stalling time as he is unsure of what to do next. When the director finally says “Cut,” the pair start laughing sheepishly. After checking their performance on the monitoring screen, they film the scene again with even more detail, but still can’t help breaking into laughter afterwards.

In another clip, Moon Ga Young enjoys herself as she practices startling Yeo Jin Goo by jumping out in front of him. As they stand around waiting, Yeo Jin Goo lifts his hands to shield Moon Ga Young’s eyes from the sun, saying, “Your eyes will go bad.” In return, Moon Ga Young brings her hand to the back of his head as she responds, “Isn’t it hot?” Yeo Jin Goo jokes, “My hair is burning!”

To wrap up, Yeo Jin Goo thanks viewers for “clicking” the behind-the-scenes video, but Moon Ga Young is disappointed in his delivery. She groans as she says teasingly, “That was so cliché! Say it more casually!”

Check out the full making-of video below!

“Link” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. KST.

Check out Moon Ga Young in “Find Me in Your Memory” below:

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19, 8 月 2022
Watch: Super Junior’s Heechul Jokingly Proposes To Apink’s Bomi “For Real” + Ji Hyun Woo Covers “Mr. Chu”

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul jokingly asked Apink’s Yoon Bomi to marry him in real life!

On the July 9 episode of JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” (“Ask Us Anything”), Bomi acted out a skit in which the cast members and other guests took turns pretending to be her boyfriend.

When it was Heechul’s turn to play the part, Bomi mentioned that they had been dating for seven years now (in the world of the skit), and he replied, “That’s right, it’s time for us to get married.” He went on to ask, “But darling, when are we getting married?” Bomi replied, “You have to propose, honey.”

Heechul then took the reality of the situation up a notch by mentioning that his parents wanted him to get married in real life. “My mom is watching this [show] right now,” he said. “My mom and dad told me to get married for real within the next year.”

Thinking he was still acting out the skit, Bomi replied in character, “Oh, really? Should we get married next year?” Heechul then clarified, “For real,” but Bomi misunderstood and agreed, “Let’s get married for real!”

Putting the skit on hold, Heechul suddenly interjected, “No, outside of filming for this show, are you really going to marry me? For real! My mom and dad are watching this right now. For real.”

After cracking up in surprise, Bomi jokingly responded, “I need to get married for real, too.”

Later on in the skit, Bomi complained that the new paint smell in her fictional apartment was too overwhelming, asking Heechul for advice on whether she should leave the door open or not.

Heechul replied by playfully declaring, “Then I guess you’ll need to move in with me,” before adding a dose of reality to the situation by referencing the new luxury multi-billion won apartment he bought earlier this year.

“You must not have seen the articles about the new house I bought,” he boasted. “I told you, my parents really think I’m getting married.”

Meanwhile, when it was actor Ji Hyun Woo’s turn to play Bomi’s boyfriend in the skit, he impressed everyone by serenading her with a live-band cover of Apink’s real-life song “Mr. Chu.”

Check out the clip of Ji Hyun Woo’s adorable rock cover of Apink below!

Watch full episodes of “Knowing Bros” with English subtitles here…

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…and watch Ji Hyun Woo in his hit drama “Young Lady and Gentleman” below!

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19, 8 月 2022
Lee Jae Wook And Shin Seung Ho Prepare To Clash Swords In “Alchemy Of Souls”

New stills for tvN’s “Alchemy of Souls” preview a nail-biting rematch between Lee Jae Wook and Shin Seung Ho!

Penned by the famous screenwriting duo known as the Hong Sisters, “Alchemy of Souls” is a new tvN fantasy romance drama set in the fictional nation of Daeho, a country that does not exist in history or on maps. The drama tells the story of characters whose fates become twisted due to magic that swaps people’s souls.


Previously, Jang Wook (Lee Jae Wook) and Go Won (Shin Seung Ho) had engaged in a duel. However, Jang Wook had been much too weak to take on such a strong foe and was only able to escape danger with the help of Mu Deok (Jung So Min). Wanting to see Jang Wook’s skills progress, Mu Deok arranged yet another duel between the pair. She trained him in some high-level techniques that might be the only way he could defeat Go Won, and all that remains is to see if he can pull off the feat.

In the new stills, Jang Wook takes a firm stance with his determined eyes, ready to take on the challenge. He needs to have all his wits about him, as his defeat would mean flirting with death. Their duel is far from private, as the Song Rim magicians and notable magicians of Daeho are also present. Based on his stony and smug features, Go Won does not intend to go easy on his opponent. Although he had been unwilling to antagonize the Jang family, he realized that the duel would be unavoidable. Viewers are curious to find out what his reaction will be to seeing Jang Wook and how the duel will conclude.

This episode of “Alchemy of Souls” airs on July 10 at 9:10 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, check out Lee Jae Wook in “Extraordinary You” with subtitles below:

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